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ave Collier, artist based in Carlisle, north-west England. Predominantly I do digital drawings and digitally-enhaced photographs for artistic effect. My interest is in the science of seeing: how the eye and brain identify colours and shapes, perception both practical and emotional.
I have been making drawings and paintings and studying visual perception for the best part of my years. These days nearly all my artworks are digital. My digital artworks may be classified into:
Experiments either using code or manually to demonstrate some aspect of colour and shape interaction.
Digital Drawings
Drawings either with the Apple Pencil on iPad or with the mouse on desktop or laptop, sometimes incorporating processed photos, usually to demonstrate something or other.
Colour and shape experiments using a photograph as a base. All photos are abstractions of the scene that they are representing, as anyone who has ever taken a photo will know, they are not an exact representation of the scene, so it is a blurry line defining what constitutes a manipulation. Usually I am experimenting with some limited colour set to see what the effect is.
Designs with Text
Text is a whole separate area of my studies, for text is a series of shapes that are interpreted to provide meaning, just as a collection of shapes and colours is.
photo of me in my studio
While I have always painted and drawn I have worked at other things too, especially computer programming commercially, this means that I am able to write my own software to manipulate digital images and I use such techniques quite widely. For more detail on this see my Developments website, which is also the link of the Theory icon at the top of this page.
In addition to computer programming I have owned a run a specialist educational publishing company, I have been a director of a subsidiary of a Public Limited Company (PLC) in the UK, and owned and run a hotel and restaurant. I have a Masters degree on research into the specialist area of psychology called User Interface Design and been pondering taking that forward to doctorate level ever since, but find myself too busy with the artworks.
This website includes an online shop but I normally leave that switched off. I wrote it, it fully processes orders and collects payment by credit or debit card and emails the customer an invoice in pdf format. The works! But I find it too overwhelming to maintain, I prefer to sell prints via artists’ promotional websites.
This page last updated 11 April 2024