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Dave Collierartworks
ave Collier, student of lines and shapes based in Carlisle, north-west England. For many decades a computer programmer on systems for business and commerce, writing code in a range of different programming languages.
photo of me in my studio
My interest is in the Science of Seeing: how the eye and brain identify colours and shapes, perception both practical and emotional.
Can these perceptions be broken down into their essentials for analysis?
Of course they will be, at some point, and this will have implications for machine learning, in particular machine-generated images expressing complex emotions such as love or sadness. This is not to say that the artist will be replaced by a machine, any more than a scientist working with complex formulas is replaced by a machine that helps calculate them.
Over many years I have been developing software for understanding visual perception and analysing and manipulating images. Along this lonesome road to understanding, some images can result that are interesting perceptually, or are attractive for various reasons in their own right.
These web pages show some of the results of my experiments with photo-processing, together with a few digital drawings, which I choose to do in a scribbly style, again for the perception of scenes and feelings with minimal clues.
Much more about theory on my developments website.