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he proto-processed prints in this gallery are done using a mixture of my own software and Abobe Creative Suite.
My own software is designed to break down the colours or shapes of a photograph – or could be a painting but I prefer to use photographs – to a limited set and to examine how mood or emotional effects might be distilled from that set, and also how technically, by modifying the colours, mood or feel may be altered. By distilling the elements of a picture to see how much of the essence of that picture can be maintained from its bare structure. Along the way, images sometimes come out that I think might look interesting on a wall, so I put them on my gallery site.
In using the word ‘colours’ I am not talking just about hue, a lot of the information and feeling we get from a picture is more to do with the relative brightness of nearby colours than it is their hue.
I use my software therefore to examine he effects of relative brightnesses – and relative hues – in a controlled and measureable way.
My software for these experiments is all written in Javascript and can be seen under the menu items 'Edge Detection' and 'Image Manipulation' at, with explanations on each of the experiment pages. This software is free-to-use, on the condition that there is no support whatsoever. It’s not pernicious in any way whatever, but may have a few underdeveloped aspects.
Much more about theory on my developments website.
This page last updated 4 December 2023